“It’s Alive!”

For better or worse, I’m going live with my official website. I intend it to fulfill several purposes, starting with providing an online calling card for my writing. You can find an Author Bio, as well as a Contact page where you can easily get in touch with me if you’re so inclined.

But wait: there’s more! You can check out the News page (which you’re on right now) for updates about both my writing and my website. An Events page will announce my upcoming appearances—whether virtual, such as on a podcast or in a print interview—or in real life. I’ve also included a Media section that will include links to Podcasts and Print Interviews I’ve already done, a Social Media page, and a list of Links to some of my favorite people and places on the World Wide Web.

Sounds like plenty, right? Not so fast. There are also pages detailing my published and produced work. There’s a Complete Bibliography, but I’ve also divided it up into smaller groupings that list my Star Trek Fiction, my Star Trek Nonfiction, and my General Fiction. I’ve also added a Store in which people can purchase autographed copies of my books, as well as other interesting trinkets I’ll include from time to time.

But that’s not all! Over the past couple of years, events here and there have sparked my desire to write about them—not in story form, but as commentary. I’ve therefore decide to blog—and isn’t it amazing that this nascent word, short for web log and in use for less than two decades, has already entered not just the vernacular, but into Merriam-Webster’s dictionaries as well? Because I have several interests, I’ve decided to divide up what I write on this site into four separate blogs, so that you can readily find what you like. I’ll be contributing to a blog on Baseball, a sport I love to follow and watch, and that I love even more to play. Because I am an impassioned fan of movies, I’ll also be writing about the world of Film, which will likely include numerous reviews. It probably goes without saying that I love to write, and so it’s only natural that I’ll have a Writing blog. Finally, for the myriad events that happen out in the broader universe, I’ve included a more general blog, which I’ve simply designated World. I could have added a blog for Science in general, or one specifically for individual disciplines, such as Cosmology, Mathematics, Physics, and Quantum Physics. I could’ve had one for one for Art and another for Language, one for Books and another for Philosophy. But I don’t want to get ahead of myself and get overextended; after all, I still have novels to write. As it is, I haven’t even yet published content to all of my existing blogs. As of this launch, I’ve penned—or should that be keyboarded?—an entry for my Baseball and Film blogs, but not for my Writing or World blogs, but stay tuned.

So, that’s it for now. I hope that you’ll like and enjoy the site, and that you’ll come back often. Peace and long life!