“Deep Into That Darkness Peering”

Twist of Faith omnibus / Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Pocket Books • May 2007 • Book: 661 Pages • Introduction: 6 Pages

This omnibus edition of four novels and one novella collects the stories that relaunched Deep Space Nine in literary form after the television series ended. The introduction discusses the show and the genesis of the new DSN book line.


Star Trek 45s: ‘Fight or Flight’”

Star Trek Magazine #39 • Titan Magazines • Spring 2012

On the occasion of Star Trek’s 45th anniversary, Star Trek Magazine’s editor decided to take a look at every 45th episode throughout the show’s history. This article explores the second installment of Enterprise.

“Do You Believe in Miracles?”

Star Trek Magazine #38 • Titan Magazines • January/February 2012

Montgomery Scott, Enterprise’s chief engineer, is often regarded by viewers and readers as a “miracle worker,” and the phrase itself is utilized in the series. But is that description actually warranted? This article examines Scotty’s record in an attempt to answer that question.

“The Ultimate Guide: Deep Space Nine, Season 7”

Star Trek Magazine #37 • Titan Magazines • October/November 2011

This article and accompanying features survey the final season of Deep Space Nine. Included are a discussion of the show as it marched toward its climax; ratings for every episode; writer, director, and airdate information; and comments on each of the best five installments, on the worst episode, on the best moment, best guest star, and most valued performance.

“Who is . . . Christopher Pike?”

Star Trek Magazine #35 • Titan Magazines • July/August 2011

Until the most recent Star Trek feature films, Christopher Pike appeared in only the original series’ first pilot episode, “The Cage,” and the two-part installment, “The Menagerie,” which mostly recapitulates the former. So what exactly do we know about the Enterprise captain? This article takes a look at his television appearances, references to the character in the subsequent shows, and his role in non-canon material.

“Who is . . . Scotty?”

Star Trek Magazine #34 • Titan Magazines • June 2011

Outside of the original series’ triumvirate of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy, Enterprise Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott appears more than any other character. What do we know about him? This article traces his evolution from the show’s second pilot episode through to the latest Star Trek feature film.

“Who is . . . Chekov?”
“Resurrecting Okona”

Star Trek Magazine #33 • Titan Magazines • April/May 2011

Pavel Chekov didn't appear in the original series until its second season, but his inclusion in the show continued a long-standing Star Trek theme: inclusiveness. This article takes a look at the character from his beginning on television to the latest feature films.

Thadiun Okona appeared in just a single Next Generation episode, but later resurfaced in the books and comics. This short article discusses my choice to utilize him in an alternate-history TNG novel, The Embrace of Cold Architects.

“Who is . . . Doctor McCoy?”

Star Trek Magazine #32 • Titan Magazines • March 2011

Doctor Leonard “Bones” McCoy appeared in neither of the original series’ two pilot episodes, but subsequently became the emotional heart of Star Trek. This article explores what we know about the good doctor, from his beginning on television through the most recent feature films.

“Who is . . . Sulu?”

Star Trek Magazine #30 • Titan Magazines • December 2010

Hikaru Sulu initially appeared in the second pilot episode of the original series, as the head of the astro-sciences department, with neither a position on the bridge nor a first name. This article looks at the character throughout the various incarnations of Star Trek.

“Who is . . . Jim Kirk?”

Star Trek Magazine #27 • Titan Magazines • July/August 2010

James T. Kirk first appeared in the original television series, and then in the follow-up animated show, the first seven features films, and numerous non-canon novels, comics, and games. The other series all make reference to Kirk, and the later films introduce a version of the character in an alternate timeline. This article provides a primer on the known, sometimes conflicting details of the Enterprise captain’s life.

“Life from Lifelessness”

Star Trek Magazine #26 • Titan Magazines • June 2010

This article reviews the second Star Trek feature film, The Wrath of Khan, not just for fans, but for general moviegoers.

“Condemned for a Villain: Winn Adami”
Trek Lit Villains: Colonel Mitra”
Trek Lit Villains: Aventeer Vokar”

Star Trek Magazine #22 • Titan Magazines • December 2009

These articles offer portraits of various Star Trek villains, from both the television series and the literary works.

“The Voice of the Hidden Waterfall”

Star Trek Magazine #13 • Titan Magazines • September/October 2008

The Vulcans in general, and Spock in particular, are widely accepted as emotionless logicians who cannot lie, but are those legitimate assessments? This article examines what it means to be Vulcan in the 23rd and 24th centuries, and how Spock fits into that cultural motif.

“Cowboys and Diplomats”

Star Trek Magazine #11 • Titan Magazines • May/June 2008

Many think of James T. Kirk as a fighter and Jean-Luc Picard as a talker, but are those descriptors entirely accurate? This article compares the command styles of the two Enterprise captains, exploring both their differences and their similarities.

“All the Galaxy’s a Stage”

Star Trek Magazine #10 • Titan Magazines • March/April 2008

After Deep Space Nine ended on television, writers and editors carried the series forward in original novels and stories. This articles examines that transition and discusses how new literary characters have sustained and enhanced the DSN mythos.

“Of Ice and Moonlight”

Star Trek Magazine #9 • Titan Magazines • January/February 2008

Was Captain Kirk truly a womanizer, a lothario who didn't want to be tied down, a libertine who had a lover in every spaceport? This article explores the on-screen evidence and reaches what some might consider a surprising conclusion.