Podcast: Literary Treks—Video Game Save Point

Literary Treks podcast hosts Dan Gunther and Bruce Gibson are joined by author David R. George III to talk about his latest Deep Space Nine novel, Original Sin. They discuss two stories told in tandem, the character of Jasmine Tey, crime drama as Star Trek story, the nature of Rebecca Sisko, a completely alien encounter, and the possibility of an ongoing Gamma series.

News: DRG III E-Book Now Available

David R. George III’s novelette “The Instruments of Vice” first appeared in the anthology ReDeus: Native Lands. It is now available as a single e-book for just $0.99. Give it a read.

Here is the description: Twenty years after the pantheons of gods returned to Earth at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, life has changed in different ways all over the planet. In South Dakota, a citizen finds the mutilated body of a man whose livelihood was taken away two decades earlier by the Lakota spider-god, Iktomi. Police want to find out who killed the man, but the motive behind the killing turns out to be more important.

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Podcast: Enterprising Individuals—“The Corbomite Maneuver” with David R. George III

The Enterprising Individuals podcast recently sat down with David R. George III to talk about an early episode of the original Star Trek“The Corbomite Maneuver.” In their discussion of the first non-pilot ST episode ever produced, they speak about how Trek became Trek, the inclusiveness of the future it envisions, what it takes to command a Federation starship, the exploration of the unknown, and the series’ humanistic principles set against its occasionally militaristic science-fiction landscape. 


DRG III also discusses the process of developing a Star Trek script, while wondering about the alleged appearance in the episode of The Most Interesting Man in the World. So transport over to the Enterprising Individuals website and give it a listen.

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News: The Return—Again—of DRG III


Six weeks ago, David R. George III announced his return from traveling, and that he would be turning his attention once more to his website. Unfortunately, right after that, a family emergency called him away again. David has finally gotten back home, and so he will once more set his sights on contributing to DRGIII.com. In the coming weeks, you can expect some new, rare Star Trek collectibles to appear in the store; some new blog posts; discussion of David’s latest novel, Original Sin, which will be published on 26 September; and some other special features.