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Podcast: Literary Treks—Video Game Save Point

On Trek FM

On Trek FM

Literary Treks podcast hosts Dan Gunther and Bruce Gibson are joined by author David R. George III to talk about his latest Deep Space Nine novel, Original Sin. They discuss two stories told in tandem, the character of Jasmine Tey, crime drama as Star Trek story, the nature of Rebecca Sisko, a completely alien encounter, and the possibility of an ongoing Gamma series.


Paul Semel sat down with me last week to talk about my most recently published novel, a Star Trek: Deep Space Nine entry called The Long Mirage. You can find the interview on Mr. Semel’s eponymous website. In answering his questions, I talk about the plot of the new book and where it fits into the series’ chronology. I also discuss the genesis of the story—or stories—within the novel. Additionally, I address the ways in which I do and don’t attempt to emulate the television show, what it means to effectively have an unlimited visual-effects budget, and how writing a Deep Space Nine tale differs from writing within other incarnations of Trek. Finally, I reveal what it is about Star Trek that inspires me. Head on over and give it a read.