Podcast: Literary Treks—No Such Thing As a Ferengi Customer Service Department

On Trek FM

On Trek FM

Literary Treks podcast hosts Bruce Gibson and Dan Gunther welcome author David R. George III back to the show to discuss The 34th Rule, a novel he co-wrote with Deep Space Nine’s Armin Shimerman, whom you may know as Quark! They talk about the genesis of the story, the Ferengi belief system, politics, racism towards the Ferengi, the cycle of violence, then wrap up with their final thoughts and ratings.

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Star Trek Authors Day

David R. George III will be appearing at Star Trek Authors Day. In addition to DRG III, the other writers presently scheduled to attend include Peter DavidKeith R. A. DeCandidoDave Galanter, and Bob Greenberger. The organizer describes the event as follows:

Meet the writers on your tour, and join them for candid presentations and Q&A. Get a book signed, and buy a few more! Chat with creative minds that build and expand the Star Trek universe!

The event will be held on Saturday, 23 June at Star Trek Original Series Set Tour, a permanent installation of meticulously recreated sets. It is located in Ticonderoga, New York. Keep checking the Events page for more information as it becomes available.


News: DRG III E-Book Now Available

David R. George III’s novelette “The Dark Arts Come to Hebron” first appeared in the anthology Apollo’s Daughters. The story is now available as an e-book single for just $0.99. Give it a read.

Here is the description: In a small town in the Massachusetts Bay colony, Agathie Swaddock takes matters into her own hands when violence threatens to erupt with a neighboring town.

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