“The Dark Arts Come to Hebron”

Apollo's Daughters anthology • Silence in the Library, LLC
January 2015 • Book: 484 Pages • Novelette: 36 Pages

As property disputes threaten the farmers of Hebron and rumors of witches in Salem reach the Colonial town, Agathie Swaddock must determine how she and the other wives in the community can repair and preserve their peaceful existence.

“The Instruments of Vice”

ReDeus: Native Lands anthology • Crazy 8 Press
July 2013 • Book: 209 Pages • Novelette: 30 Pages

At the 2012 Summer Olympic games in London, the pantheons returned: the Greek gods, Norse gods, Roman gods, and the rest. The deities came back to Earth to reclaim their lands and peoples. Twenty years later, they are a part of human culture. When a man is found murdered in a local park in Rapid City, it leads the homicide detective working the case into the path of the Sioux trickster god, Iktomi. 

“Moon Over Luna”

Thrilling Wonder Stories, Volume 2 anthology • Thrilling Wonder LLC
January 2009 • Book: 252 Pages • Novelette: 27 Pages

When a mysterious sphere suddenly appears in orbit around Earth’s moon, scientists have no immediate explanation. That doesn't stop people from developing their own theories and committing to them, regardless of the dearth of facts.