DRG III at Treklanta

David R. George III will be appearing on Memorial Day weekend at Treklanta, a Star Trek convention held in Atlanta, Georgia. The three-day con kicks off on Friday evening at 6 PM and goes through Sunday at 6:30 PM. Other attendees include actor Conrad Coates, who appeared as Admiral Terral in four episodes of Discovery; actor Gary Graham, who portrayed the Ocampa Tanis in Voyager and Vulcan Ambassador Soval in eleven installments of Enterpriseand actor Robert O’Reilly, who played the Klingon Gowron in four episodes of The Next Generation and seven of Deep Space Nine. DRG III will host a Q & A session, sign autographs, and take part in various other panels and events.

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Podcast: Enterprising Individuals—“Duet” with David R. George III

On Enterprising Individuals

On Enterprising Individuals

Season Three of the Enterprising Individuals podcast takes a serious turn as they look at the tangle of thorns that is “Duet.”

New York Times bestselling author David R. George III returns to the show to talk about one of Deep Space Nine’s (and Trek’s) finest and most brutal episodes. Kira thinks she’s captured a monster, but she learns that war and cruelty make victims of everyone. The discussion touches upon the genius of Harris Yulin, the reality of history being edited by the victors, the importance of victim accounts, the practice of sin-eating, and the banality of evil. They also shift gears and talk about less somber topics, like Prussian valves and “proficient service,” the drawbacks of acting like a jerk to your neighbors, the “Cardassian Monologue,” Death and the Maiden, and Stabby Otis from Mayberry! Okay...slightly less somber.

Plus, Kal contemplates a career as a Trek fact researcher, David talks about some of his favorite films, the Benjamin Buttoning properties of volcanic vapors are discussed, there’s a shout-out to Robert Shaw, and an update on a possible sighting of The Most Interesting Man in the World!

Everybody’s pulling for you, Clint Howard! One day at a time!

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