DRG III at Dragon Con 2018

David R. George III will be appearing on Labor Day weekend at Dragon Con, a multimedia popular-culture convention that focuses on science fiction, fantasy, gaming, and comics. Held in Atlanta, Georgia, the four-day con commences with registration on Thursday, 30 August, opens on Friday, 31 August, and runs through Monday through Monday, 3 September. Featured guests include Star Trek actors Garrett Wang, best known for his role as Harry Kim in Voyager, and John de Lancie, who appeared a dozen times as Q in three different Trek series: in eight episodes of The Next Generation, one of Deep Space Nine, and three of Voyager. The schedule has yet to be finalized, so it is unclear in what panels or other events DRG III will participate.

See the Events page for David’s schedule, which includes an autograph session, a reading, and a solo panel in which he discusses his writing for Star Trek.